How to Age Gracefully? Effective Products & Easy Skincare Tricks

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We are unable to stop the clock and prevent wrinkles from deepening. After 30, every woman’s facial skin loses firmness. It is dull and coarse. Deep skin layers lack water and substances keeping the skin healthy. Luckily, you can easily deal with these unwanted changes. Discover the ways to care for aging skin.

Why does the skin grow old?

The aging process occurs both on the skin surface and in its deeper layers. With the passing time, collagen and elastin fibers – responsible for the skin firmness – are weaker. There is less fat tissue so wrinkles are clearly visible. All natural substances, responsible for skin hydration, disappear, leading to dry, dull and rough skin. The cellular division is less intense.

How to care for the skin at home?

To hinder skin aging processes, you need the right skin care routine. In your daily skin regimen, make use of UV filter creams (the sunlight contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, and the loss of moisturising substances), a hydrating face wash (it cannot include skin-drying, strongly-washing ingredients), a night cream or serum with active substances and a scrub (for a skin repair).

Ingredients which delay the occurrence of wrinkles

While shopping for anti-aging skin products, always check the ingredients. The following substances will help you fight the wrinkles:


  • rebuilds the protective barrier
  • locks water in the epidermis
  • delivers elasticity and hydration
  • controls the function of sebaceous glands
  • helps to treat acne
  • eliminates fine lines
  • reduces pigmentation spots


  • moisturises the skin
  • protects from the loss of water
  • makes the skin smooth
  • enhances repair
  • ensures skin elasticity and adds bounce
  • smoothes wrinkles


  • brightens discolored skin
  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • evens out the skin tone
  • fortifies blood vessels
  • fights free radicals.
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