STOP dry skin! How to effectively moisturize the skin?

Skin by Nicky Trynide

Dry, dull, flakey skin is an issue many women deal with. How to handle it? What can you do to have moisturized and beautiful skin? Say STOP to dry skin today.

Maintaining proper skin hydration is quite a challenge. Especially when you lack proper tools for it. Where should you start, what to focus on, and which cosmetics to use?

Skin hydration – the beginnings

Before you reach for special treatments and cosmetics infused with moisturizing ingredients, you should realize the fact that skin hydration does not depend only on those. Quite often we have dry skin because our organism is dehydrated. That is why the base for skincare shouldn’t be any cosmetic but balanced diet (rich in fatty acids, vitamins) and regular organism hydration. Drink a lot of water and you’ll quickly notice that your skin becomes more beautiful.

How to moisturize the skin?

Once the fundament for the healthy skin is set, i.e. balanced diet and proper hydration, we can move on to the skincare. The one thing we change in skincare once we observe that skin is dry is to buy a cream with ‘moisturizing’ written on it. That’s not enough!

Skin moisturizing, that is long-lasting and effective requires a few cosmetics. You need both moisturizing substances (humectants) as well as those that retain water in the epidermis (emollients). It is worth protecting skin against UV rays because the sun is one of the strongest factors that cause skin dehydration and irritations.

What should you use for the skin moisturizing?

There are a few options. You can go for moisturizing cream or humectant mask with more intense action. However, the use of them is not providing as good results as the use of something lighter. Among moisturizing cosmetics, the best choice is face serum with hyaluronic acid that with daily use can moisturize the skin on a deeper level. Just one drop is enough to instantly improve skin hydration. Obviously, you can use hyaluronic acid separately as a 1 or 2% gel but it works better in a serum.

How to maintain skin hydration for longer?

Even the best serum works even better if used along with a protective cosmetic. You need a cosmetic able to create a thin layer on the skin that can smooth it out and most of all create a barrier for moisturizing and nourishing substances. It can be a cream or natural oil, e.g. sweet almond oil. Using such product on top of the absorbed serum can guarantee that hydration will be way more effective.

The rules of skincare for dry skin

Lastly, you should keep in mind that skin hydration is a result of numerous things that we do. Not just the diet, serum, cream, or oil, but also the approach that we have towards the skincare. For example, if you use alcohol-based make-up remover, it can speed up water loss from the skin and as a result, defeat the effect of the morning routine. Bad impact on skin hydration has also the sun, so UV protection is absolutely necessary. It is also good to limit alcohol intake and cigarettes because they make skin dull, rough, and devoid of natural glow.

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