Nanoil hair oil – symphony of beauty for Your hair

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If you’re looking for the best substance that will be able to repair as well as protect and beautify your hairdo – you must reach for natural oils.

These are the only products that have the ability to nourish hair without doing harm to its health and beauty.

Hair oils – what are these?

Hair oils have the ability to penetrate the skin – into hair bulbs and between cuticles, regenerate and provide complex hair care. Oils have been known as truly natural health and beauty conditioning elixirs. These substances are extracted through cold-pressing of seeds, stones and flowers that are known for their powerful healing properties. Hair oils are natural, safe, free from parabens and silicones.

Oils make a powerful weapon when one fights for beautiful hair. If you want to declare war on each and every damaged strand, go for the best product for hair oiling available on the market.

Hair oil – why should you choose Nanoil?

Nanoil manufacturer has treated the creation of this hair product seriously and professionally. The brand has focused on 3 basic hair types that need different hair care, different oils and substances that enhance the product. What is more, Nanoil doesn’t contain any damaging, comedogenic and toxic substances which could damage hair and dehydrate the scalp.

Moreover, Nanoil hair oil will surprise you with innovative and unique ingredients that have a direct influence on the scalp and bulbs – stimulate them and force hair to grow. High-quality components are able to stimulate bulbs that have been nonactivated so far. Your hairdo will get thicker and voluminous.

Nanoil is the only hair oil that offers so carefully selected ingredients. It seems unbelievable. Perfect composition of substances that match your hair type (hair porosity).

Nanoil – natural oil that matches hair porosity

NanoilNanoil brand has profoundly analysed the subject of nourishing hair. There are 3 hair types (or 3 different hair porosities), therefore Nanoil created 3 versions of hair oil. Each version is responsible for different porosity.

Nanoil website shows detailed information on hair porosity. You can find out how to identify the porosity and which oil is suitable for your hair type.

What is more, descriptions of different types of hair porosity are presented with high-quality pictures.

It’s high time to pamper your hair with finest quality hair care!

Nanoil hair oil – why it outclasses the competition

  • Nanoil – high-quality natural oils, perfectly suitable for each of 3 hair types. The oils have a positive influence on the scalp condition, shield hair from damage and protect from roots to tips.
  • Nanoil hair oil nourishes hair, bulbs but also the scalp by controlling processes on the scalp.
  • It is free from parabens, silicones, alcohols and other comedogenic substances.
  • Nanoil hair oil is enriched with UV filter that protects hair from damaging action of the sunlight.
  • Nanoil hair oil contains innovative components that enhance and speed up hair growth, and boost volume (baicapil and kerastim complex).
  • Each of the 3 Nanoil versions is the synergy of ingredients aimed at the individual needs of hair.
  • Each version of Nanoil includes substances that boost healthy hair growth and enhance the beauty of your hairdo. These include: vitamins, panthenol, keratin, silk and lanoline.
  • Nanoil hair oil has been created with attention to detail. It comes in an elegant and stylish glass bottle of cylindric shape. The bottle has an infallible pump which precisely measures out the oil.
  • One of the most delightful qualities of Nanoil is an endless number of application methods. It can be used as a hair mask, an intensive overnight treatment or in the form of serum applied to dry or damp hair. It can also work as a styling lotion, beautifying emulsion, heat protectant or hair conditioning product. It is an iconic cosmetic which leaves other hair care products behind.
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is a professional make up artist whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines. Nicky credits his long and successful career in the industry to his innate ability to see and bring out the beauty in everyone. Growing up, his passion for his future profession was sparked by his mother and two grandmothers, all European-trained estheticians

24 Comments “Nanoil hair oil – symphony of beauty for Your hair”

  1. Lilly

    I’ve been using this oil for some time now, I am delighted to recommend it. Half an hour on the head, then I wash out and have wonderfully soft and moisturized hair ????

    • its_just_me

      I think it’s best to leave it in for the night, this way all the beneficial ingredients have the time to sink into the hair

  2. Toni

    I love oils! but only on the skin, I cannot even imagine applying them to the hair, ok applying is not so difficult, but wash it out??!!

  3. joanne89

    I tried hair oiling with castor oil and washing it out was a nightmare. I had to almost scrub the hair many times and it fet like I got rid of the valuable components that were just delivered by the oil.

    • Monica

      but I think that castor oil is so hard to wash off because now I am using nanoil the one for medium porosity and it’s very easy to wash the hair afterwards, I use an SLS free shampoo and my hair looks and feels awesome

  4. VeraBlack

    unfortunately, nanoil doesn’t work for me

    • crazy mary

      maybe you bought a version that doesn’t match your hair type?? or try changing the method of application? or the amount of oil you use?

  5. alyssa

    how do I choose the right one? I not sure what exactly is my hair type. I blow-dry it every day but I dont use a straightener, I don’t bleach so I think the hair is not that damaged. But I think that it’s not as thick and voluminous as it used to be but at the same I didn’t notice increased fall out or anything

    • Inez

      If I were you, I’d take the one for medium porosity because my hair is kinda similar to your and that’s the one I’m using. I am not sure whether they all smell the same but mine has a nice delicate scent

  6. Janice

    once I read and article on another blog about this oil and it had many great reviews, many girls wrote that it was great

    • Doriss26

      not only girls, even guys use it for the beard, mine does 😉

  7. black_coffe

    all the great reviews have encouraged me to buy this oil and so I ordered it. I have it for a week now and applied it three times (dry hair oiling for 6,7 hours) and it works great. After the treatment the hair is shiny, elastic. The oil itself smells great and is easy to apply. In general, hair oiling is a very pleasant hair care treatment

  8. Sivri

    wow, what a composition! Too bad the price is rather high

    • Alex

      For me its also pricey but good-quality oils aren’t cheap. even the argan oil on its own is expensive – of course, I am talikng abiut the one of high quality. I know that you can now buy it everywhre for pennies but it has nothig to do with the original organic pure argan oil. What’s more, it is very efficient, because I’ve been using it for the past two months and it seems like it will last a lot longer

      • Olga1234

        have you noticed any effects

        • Alex

          Yes, and the difference is significant. First of all, the hair is smooth and shiny. It’s also different to the touch, I like to play with it now:) and most imporantly, it became stronger, I no longer loose so many hair while combing as before. I have no idea why I discovered hair oiling so late, before I kept buying various conditioners and masks and it never occurd to me to try out natural oils

  9. Bianca

    I just love coconut oil, I use it for literally everthing, and the smell….

    • wilco23

      I am also a huge fan of coconut oil but it’s not for my hair at all. It get extremely frizzy;/ It would be greatto have cocont-scentd hair 😀

  10. Barb_B

    very good oil, especially the one for highporosity hair, I truly recommend it

  11. evelineee

    so I read about the types of porosity, I took the test and still don’t know wha type of hair I have. It seems like something inbetween medium and low porosit and I have no idea which oil to go for

  12. Patricia

    Ever since I started using hair oils, I tried a whole bunch of them yet nanoil appears to be the best one so far. Firstly, it matches the hair type and secondly, it has a very good composition without paraben and silicone and other stuff like that

  13. KatjaX

    It’a s remedy for my hair in winter. everytime before leaving the house I apply it to dry hair form the mid-lengths down. This protects it from drying out. Before I started using oils, my hair was ver dry and damaged during the winter.

    • ann_e

      Same here, after winter AND summer. It’s even worse after a holiday near the sea, I think that the sea salt does not do any good

      • Cathrine

        You should definitely start hair oiling! Your hair will be regenerated and strengthened and it will not be so susceptible to frost, sun or the sea salt.


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