Professional hair care treatments. Which one is the real hit?

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Do you know that a visit at the hair salon doesn’t always have to concern trimming, colour-treating or styling? Nowadays, women willingly hand over their hair to the hands of a professional to receive proper and thorough regenerating and strengthening treatment. See for yourself what are the most popular and effective hair treatment at a salon.  

Often times, at-home hair treatments do not bring desired results. Conditioners, masks, and oil work wonders provided that they are used on regular basis and thus you must be patient because the effects come with time. The more damaged and weakened the hair, the longer you have to wait for any improvement. In this case, it is worth reviewing professional hair treatments, because perhaps one of them will turn out to be a sensational solution to your problems.


1. Trichological Cleansing Scrub For The Scalp 

Every once in a while you should thoroughly cleanse your scalp in order to prevent the development of dandruff and protect the hair from thinning. Not many people are aware of the fact that ordinary hair wash is not enough. Cosmetic build-up or oil residue, as well as dead skin cells combined with sebum, create an impermeable layer that can be removed only by using a trichological cleansing scrub. It can be performed at home by combining a natural oil with exfoliating particles (for instance, sugar, salt, raspberry seeds). However, the treatment at the salon is quicker and provide much better results because it is done with the help of ultrasound.

2. Keratin Hair-Straightening Treatment 

Only few people know that keratin hair straightening is a treatment primarily aimed at hair regeneration. In fact, silky smooth and straight hair is rather a side effect. It is the result of repairing damage in the hair by providing the necessary keratin – a protein that is the key structural material making up hair. If we discuss the most popular professional hair treatments, it is worth mentioning that keratin straightening is at the forefront of the most frequently performed procedures at the salon.

3. Scalp Mesotherapy 

A hair treatment that’s also often recommended by hairdressers. There are many options for this procedure. Mesotherapy can be done in a needle-free form (the preparation is introduced into the skin with the help of an electric field), a microneedle (a special roller is used) or a needle (it involves injecting nutrients). In any case, it is a professional hair treatment, which can help to suppress baldness and accelerate hair growth. The effects include the restoration of the biological balance of the scalp.

4. Oxygen Mesotherapy 

All known as oxygen infusion therapy. What does this treatment and the above-mentioned scalp mesotherapy in common? The fact that a special nutrient is transferred to the hair follicles with an external agent. In this case, it is a stream of concentrated oxygen. Thanks to the use of oxygen instead of micro-scent, the scalp gains double – not only nutrition but also oxygenation. It is a great way to stimulate hair growth, as well as to relieve many problems with the scalp, e.g. seborrhoea, dandruff, keratinization.

5. UltraSonic Infrared Hair Treatment Iron

In a good hair salon, it is also possible to regenerate hair with infrared light and ultrasound. They are emitted by a device similar to a straightener. The standard straightener uses high temperature, so a professional hair treatment using a cool ultrasound and infrared light is a much safer solution. When is it worth using? With weakened hair that needs to be reinforced. The tool accelerates absorption of the conditioning preparation selected by the hairdresser, thanks to which it works more intensively.

6. Darsonvalization

In hair care, you take advantage of infrared light, ultrasound or heat, so there is nothing to stop you from using electrostimulation too. A professional hair treatment that uses special currents is called darsonvalization. Although the hair treatment with the use of electricity may raise some concerns, it is worth choosing it if we want to cleanse the scalp, eliminate fungi and bacteria that cause dandruff and cure possible inflammation of the scalp. Darsonvalization is safe, painless and non-invasive.

7. LED Light Therapy 

LED light also offers a set of benefits valuable in hair care. This is an innovation among professional hair treatments, but more and more women are reaching for it. LED light therapy has many advantages – it is painless, non-invasive, easy to apply and very relaxing. It can be used as a separate treatment for hair, which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, revives and strengthens the hair. But LED light can also be used as an addition for other treatments to improve their performance.

8. Hair Botox

When presenting the TOP 8 hair treatment, we cannot forget about hair botox. It is necessary to calm down all those people that associate botox only with botulinum toxin injected into the skin in order to get rid of wrinkles. Botox for hair is a non-invasive conditioning procedure, in which the maximum concentrated nutritional supplement is supplied to the hair – a serum based on natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It’s just a regenerating booster for the hair.

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