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We love when a professional beautician takes care of our skin. All those treatments can be very expensive and our budget may be too small for another skin cleansing session in the beauty salon. Does it mean that you have to neglect yourself? No, you can do the facial sauna at home and it is going to equally effective as the one offered in spas.

What facial sauna does, it opens the pores and hydrate the skin. It is very easy to remove all impurities and blackheads. After the treatment, the skin is soft and moisturized. Steaming is a great tool that helped to release the toxins and all dirt from the deeper layer of the skin. Regular sessions can dramatically improve the condition of the skin, reduce inflammatory and give the face youthful look. Women of all age are recommended to use the facial sauna- skin becomes more elastic and supple.

The heat increases the blood flow, dead skin cells are removed, and the skin looks fresh and relaxed. Almost all facial steamer allow you to set the temperature. The optimal temperature for the sauna is 105 degrees Fahrenheit; anything above it can cause in the skin burn.

To get the best results, use the facial sauna once a week and follow this treatment with a delicate face scrub. The skin will be soft and the pores opened. It will be very easy to exfoliate and massage the skin. It is very important that you remove all make up before you start doing the sauna. If you leave your skin unclear, the heat will make the skin to absorb the impurities. You can add any herbs and oils to achieve different results. You can purchase the facial steamer in any bigger beauty store; prices may vary depending on the function and the brand.

How to Use the Facial Sauna?

Once you have a portable facial sauna you can start by filling the container with water and the essential oils of your choice. If you do not want to use the filtered water, you can replace it it with rose water that will make your skin super soft and hydrated. Once you can see the steam, put your face in the plastic attachment, and breathe deeply for 3 min.

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