Fall In Love With The Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts!

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highlighting foam strips

Fall In Love With The Thermal Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts!
The innovative Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts are a revolution in the hairdressing world. You will love them from the first use! The elegant highlighting and colouring strips upgrade the prestige of your hairdressing salon. They have been already trusted by thousands of women and professionals all over the world. Find out why!

ColorCuts hair colouring and highlighting strips:

  • perfect for professional hairdressers,
  • easy to use, durable and elegant,
  • insulate heat without overheating the hair,
  • biodegradable, eco-friendly and recyclable,
  • reusable – machine-washable!
  • 200 strips measuring 105x310mm.

Take full control of your hairstyling

These high-quality colouring strips are eye-catching and can streamline your work. They are suitable for colouring and highlighting even very long hair. Using them, you can save time on the lengthy preparation of aluminium foil strips. Choose ColorCuts foam strips to colour even the most problematic areas near the scalp.

The foam strips are glue-free, however, once they come into contact with the colouring products, they get a strong grip. This ensures they don’t slide or slip off the hair and stay on without any problems. The strips are the best assistant in creating ombre, sombre, bleaching, colouring, multi-tonal colouring or balayage. ColorCuts ensures 100% control over your hairstyling and its results.

highlighting foam strips

ColorCuts colourful hair strips

ColorCuts strips are made of a light, thermal and comfortable polystyrene foam material. They work well on any hair length, impress with beautiful colours and enhance the aesthetics of the colouring procedure. Your customers are happier – after all, it feels better to have colourful foam strips in your hair than rustling aluminium foil. No more cutting of the tangled foil!

Highlighting Foam Strips cling well to the hair and are durable, and thanks to the practical packaging, you can take out each strip quickly and efficiently, reducing colouring time. The colourful strips ensure that the different colours of hair dyes don’t get mixed up during the treatment. They deliver stunning and even results throughout the hair.

The unique polystyrene foam material prevents the colouring products from running off the hair and insulates the heat while staying cool to the touch on the outside. Provide your clients with the ultimate quality and comfort. No need to fold the edges – simple fold the strip in half and it will stick to itself.

Provide high aesthetics of the colouring procedure

The colourful foam strips are eye-catching and can’t be matched by aluminium foil. They are easy to use and allow precise application of the colouring products from the roots to the ends. The pre-cut and flexible strips don’t pull on he hair during removal and don’t cause mechanic or thermal damage. Maximum comfort and spectacular results!

Environmental care is extremely important, so you will be pleased to know that ColorCuts’ polystyrene foam strips are recyclable. They are 80% recycled, so if you’re looking for biodegradable gadgets, go for Highlighting Foam Strips! You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine after use and they retain their properties and quality. Thanks to their reusability, one pack lasts for plenty of uses!

Fast, efficient colouring is the greatest joy for the customers. The comfortable and precise strips are the best alternative to impractical aluminium foil. Revolutionise your hairdressing salon and upgrade its prestige! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.

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