The best for split ends – Argan and Coconut Oil

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Can there be anything worse than split ends? That is the most frequently enumerated hair related issue by women. It results partially from wrong hair care, but mostly because of lack of protection provided for hair ends, which are the most subjected to damages. Laureate among natural products for hair ends are two oils – coconut oil for hair and its much more expensive version, i.e. cold pressed argan oil.

Even by taking the best care of hair, using hair oil treatment and regular nourishment and being careful about harmful ingredients, it is almost impossible to avoid split ends. Of course, that is the case when you wouldn’t protect them properly. And to protect hair ends you have to know how to do that, which oil for hair choose, where to buy good quality coconut or argan oil (because we talk about these two). Basic information on the subject of protection of hair ends with cold pressed oil are presented in the below article.


The number one for split ends is coconut oil, what was confirmed by the entries on the Internet forums. Opinions about coconut oil unanimously indicate that it is in fact best oil for hair – is affordable, efficient, absorbs great, has pleasant consistency and is easy in application. Properties and price of coconut oil situate it on the first place. You should remember to choose only cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil (with beautiful scent and light formula), because it holds most of desirable properties and the most diverse composition.


Right behind coconut oil for hair can be found cold pressed and unrefined argan oil. This oil is best for hair in the same form as coconut oil. However, its main drawback is its price, which is too high. For this reason we are more keen on its use exclusively on hair ends instead of hair oil treatment of the entire hair. Despite all, it is worth to buy argan oil, because its properties are confirmed – moisturises, nourishes, regenerates and protects in a natural way. If used in small amounts can be great in direct application on hair, but it is also worth to enrich with it other products dedicated for split ends.

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