TOP PRODUCTS REVIEWS: Keratin-Rich Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

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Have you got dry and damaged hair? You want to know the best way for revitalizing it? A hair mask can do the trick! Obviously, not every mask works the same. A keratin-rich product is the most effective because this protein is a building block of hair. By replenishing it, you allow repair! Check out the best masks for damaged hair – tried and trusted with the highest ratings from hairdressers and users!

What’s the best keratin mask for damaged hair like?

If you’re searching for the best mask for damaged hair which will be maximally effective, then remember it should:

  1. contain hydrolyzed keratin because hydrolyzed molecules are smaller so they penetrate the hair more easily.
  2. have a short and simple list of ingredients with enhancing substances, not preservatives, at the top of INCI. 
  3. have a light consistency to be rinsed out easily without weighing hair down.

Top Keratin-Rich Hair Masks to Rescue Damaged Hair

You should never settle for less when it comes to the health and beauty of your hair. Choose from tried and trusted products whose quality and effectiveness are confirmed by user reviews. Read about the most reliable treatments starting from the best one!



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Undoubtedly, the number-one keratin mask for hair! The Nanoil’s treatment leaves competitors behind because it’s highly effective and you can count on quick and amazing effects. It’s also surprisingly easy on the pocket considering the high quality, long-lasting jar, and ideal texture – that’s what users rate the mask for. The Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask smells wonderful; the scent stays on long after washing. Still, the effect is what you’re gonna love the mask for the most. Blending hydrolyzed proteins with deeply-nourishing panthenol (provitamin B5) gave a miracle-working treatment. The Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask smooths and tames, hydrating and delivering the shine that you bargain for. Hair becomes soft, easy to manage, plus it stops getting frizzy or static. With regular application, the product will enhance deep layers of hair, provide optimal hydration, strengthen, add resilience and prevent damage.


The Phytokeratine Extreme Mask made it to the podium as well. It’s made for extremely damaged hair, containing strongly-nourishing and revitalizing ingredients. It’s thick so may slightly overburden fine hair. You need to rinse it out thoroughly. Regular application improves the hair, making it smoother and softer. The product revives the hair and contains plant-derived keratin made from 18 amino acids. The formula is also rich in sapote butter, shea butter and baobab oil which brilliantly protect from loss of water. Why hasn’t the mask made it to the top of the round-up? Though it works well, it has a high price and doesn’t last long because of its small volume.


The Global Keratin Deep Conditioner is a deeply-nourishing product that you can use either as a 3-minute conditioner or a 15-minute intensive treatment. Though it’s more expensive and smaller than other items in the ranking, we must admit it has a good conditioning effect, moisturizing and strengthening thanks to a blend of keratin proteins with a special Juvexin Complex (vitamins and peptides designed for damaged hair). The Global Keratin Deep Conditioner cares for weak, dull hair.


Outside the podium but also highly rated. Have you heard of the Goldwell Mask for damaged hair? You might have seen it at the hairdresser’s because it’s a popular pick in salons. The Kerasilk Control Mask is an ideal remedy if you’re bothered by thinning, damaged strands or dryness and breakage. You must have guessed that keratin and silk are the major ingredients by looking at the product name. The duo brilliantly improves the hair from the first use. Too bad another effective treatment comes in a small package and costs a lot.

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