The most common mistakes made when grooming your eyebrows at home

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In theory, eyebrow shaping is a simple procedure. However, it turns out that very often it is done incorrectly. Do you know what are the most common mistakes made during eyebrow plucking? Check if you’re not making one of them!

Well-groomed and properly shaped eyebrows can give your face a completely new, younger and incomparably better look. It is no wonder that we pay so much attention to eyebrow make-up and care. Only healthy eyebrows will add charm to our face.

Sometimes, however, too much effort results in a catastrophe. This is very often the case with eyebrow shaping. Improperly and excessively plucked, without maintaining the proportions and proper shape of eyebrows result in a visual defeat.

Failures can be easily avoided provided that you are aware of a few most common mistakes during eyebrow shaping. Find out if you’ve ever made any of them!

Eyebrow shaping – the most common mistakes

  • Wrong shape
    The most common mistake involves not checking the proper contours of your eyebrows before pulling the hairs out. Many women omit this step as if it was not really essential. They usually set the shape knowing ‘more or less’ what to do. The effect is too short, too thin or asymmetric eyebrows. Precision is the most important here.
  • Not combing before plucking
    Few women realize that they should comb their eyebrows before shaping them. What for? Thanks to one or two brush strokes the hairs are arranged properly. This way you can exactly see which hairs should be removed in order to achieve a satisfactory result. It will prevent us from pulling out too many hairs.
  • You are too close to the mirror
    Don’t pluck your eyebrows while sitting or standing too close to the mirror. A good idea is to take a step back after each pulled out hair to check if both eyebrows still look fine. This way it’s easier to spot any disproportions and irregularities.
  • Using dirty tweezers
    It is very important to use clean, sanitised and hygienic accessories. Why? During eyebrow plucking bacteria can get into the skin and cause some irritations. The only way to prevent it, is through proper cleaning and sanitising of the tweezers.
  • Not plucking in the direction of hair growth
    This is a small, but frequent mistake. It probably results from a popular myth that a hair should always be pulled out in the opposite direction of hair growth. Consequently, hairs plucked this way are often broken.
  • Plucking your eyebrows in the morning
    We usually don’t have much time in the morning. While plucking your eyebrows, you should be fully focused on the task. For this reason it is better to include this treatment as a part of your evening routine. Especially after taking a bath, when your skin is softer, the process is quicker and the pain is reduced. Also, your skin has the whole night to regenerate, which minimizes the risk of any irritations.
  • Forgetting about symmetry
    A situation in which your left eyebrow is shorter than the right one, and the right one is actually thicker and darker a bit, should never happen. It can disrupt facial proportions and destroy our appearance. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue.
  • Plucking above your brows
    It is rarely said that pulling out the hairs above the brows is not a good idea. It’s better to concentrate on the lower part and the right angle. The hairs above the brow can be trimmed instead. It’s not only about the visual effect but it can also be dangerous. It is because pulling the hairs can damage the nerve above the brow.
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