What is needle-free mesotherapy? Indications & contraindications

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Needle-free mesotherapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment that provides the skin with essential nutrients. What is needle-free mesotherapy and how does it look like? What are the preparations used during the procedure? Who is it intended for and what are the contraindications to its implementation?

What is needle-free mesotherapy? About the procedure

The treatment does not require any special preparations – it’s enough to take off all metal things.  The treatment begins with disinfection of the skin, then the electrodes are attached to it. The beautician applies device which switches on the moment it touches the skin. Initially, the amount of current is small. This is gradually increased in order to adapt it to the skin and feeling of the client.

What happens under the skin at that time? The device automatically divides the treatment into four phases. The first stage involves introducing a special preparation under the skin – when the device is pressed against the skin, electroporation occurs, i.e. channels in the cell membranes open and the active substances slowly enter the cells. In the second phase, the same substances are pushed deeper, and in the tissues negative pressure is created that pushes toxins out of the cells. Then the pressure in the cells is normalized, and in the last phase of the procedure the channels are closed. The procedure takes from 20 to 80 minutes, depending on the part of body. For a satisfactory effect, a series of 5-10 treatments is needed.

Needle-free mesotherapy – preparations used

The choice of the special cocktail used during the treatment depends on the needs and condition of the skin. For the anti-wrinkle treatments, the Asian plant centella is often used, as its high content of tannin delays the aging process and stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin. In skin tightening and anti-cellulite treatments caffeine and yellow sweet clover extract with rutin are used. Caffeine, when applied directly under the skin, stimulates fat burning, whereas the yellow sweet clover extract with rutin reduces swelling, vascular permeability and inflammation. It also improves microcirculation and reduces lymphostasis. Minoxidil is used in hair loss treatments as it bonds with the hair prolonging the anagen phase (hair growth cycle).

Sometimes one substance is the base of the cocktails used for face, body or hair due to its broad spectrum of activity. This is the case with, for example, organic silica which is used both to strengthen the hair and in the mesotherapy for cellulite, as well as with sodium pyruvate used in the treatment of stretch marks, baldness and in anti-wrinkle prophylaxis.

Needle-free mesotherapy – for whom?

The treatment is one of the most effective ways to reduce visible signs of skin aging. For this reason, needle-free mesotherapy is used primarily in anti-wrinkle prophylaxis. In addition, the treatment makes it possible to reduce wrinkles that have already appeared, eliminate the nasolabial fold and remove stains and discoloration.

Needle-free mesotherapy is not only a treatment for the face, neck and cleavage, but also for hands, stomach, thighs, buttocks and scalp and is often used to reduce cellulite, smooth out stretch marks and scars, firm the skin and even shape the figure. In addition, this treatment strengthens the muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system, and thus prevents swelling.

Needle-free mesotherapy – contraindications

Although needle-free mesotherapy is non-invasive and safe, it is not recommended for everyone. The contraindications to the treatment include metal elements in the body (especially prosthesis and toenail clips), heart disease and implanted heart pacemaker, epilepsy, venous diseases, diabetes, cancer and nodules of unknown origin. The treatment can not be performed also in the case of hypersensitivity of the skin, its inflammation, allergy to the ingredients used and active bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Pregnancy and lactation are also included on the list of contraindications.

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