A drop of tropics – papaya seed oil – effects, use, opinions

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Exotic oils are always of great interest – people tend to wonder whether the ones obtained from various parts of the world hide unique, rejuvenating powers. It turns out that many of them really contain substances that are rare in oils, which make them unique elixirs that care for the youth and beauty of our skin, nail, and hair. Papaya oil belongs to such “exceptional” specifics. Why?

Papaya oil – composition

Its strength, uniqueness, and power lies in its composition: papaya oil in addition to phytosterols, flavonoids and essential fatty acids (essential fatty acids) contains a unique enzyme, called papain. This one has exfoliating and regenerative properties. Papina renews the epidermis, dissolving unwanted, lifeless skin cells that tend to deposit on the skin and block its proper functioning.

In addition to unparalleled papain, papaya oil contains a number of vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the skin and hair (these include vitamins A, C, E). In its composition, you will also find some amounts of calcium, iron, thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin. Papaya oil also contains a large dose of carotenes and high-quality vitamin C molecules.

The main components of papaya seed oil

  • 74% oleic acid
  • 16.5% palmitic acid
  • 6% linoleic acid
  • 5% stearic acid
  • tocopherols (vitamin E compounds)
  • carotenoids
  • papain
  • vitamins: C, A
  • potassium, calcium, iron,

Papaya oil – influence on the hair and skin

  • exfoliates and revitalizes the skin
  • balances sebum secretion
  • fights seborrhea on the scalp
  • reduces skin discoloration
  • brightens post-acne scars
  • heals scars and skin irritations
  • lightens the skin gently
  • makes the skin tone even
  • cares for dehydrated hair ends
  • soothes, tones and calms the skin
  • perfectly combines with hyaluronic acid
  • provides anti-inflammatory qualities
  • helps to fight dandruff, cleanses the scalp
  • ideal for oily scalp
  • cares for the proper level of hydration of hair and face

Papaya seed oil – use 

Papaya oil can be successfully used on its own, as a face serum or for the oil hair treatment. Also, it can be combined with other natural oils or added to facial scrubs, facial masks. What’s more, it’s suitable for mixing with natural clays, or as an addition to traditional body and hair lotions, and even to hand and foot creams.

In addition, papaya oil is a great component of hydrolates and mists – you can add it to herbal extracts and rub into the nails (it will not only nourish the plate but also help get rid of dry cuticles; it will revitalize and refresh the skin around the nails).

Moreover, papaya oil is also perfect for body massage – it perfectly smoothes the skin and removes dead cells from it, thanks to which it increases the absorption of other active substances contained in cosmetics (eg those for combating cellulite).

Papaya oil – reviews

Papaya oil is one of the oils that collect very good opinions – it is often recommended for skin and body care, and less often for hair care.

It is an ideal nail care cosmetic because it perfectly revitalizes dry cuticles around the nail plate. Bloggers and vloggers mention that papaya oil is an excellent ingredient in natural scrubs and exfoliating masks. Certainly, it is worth having it on the bathroom shelf and using it as an ingredient of revitalizing and cleansing treatments. Regularly used, it will help restore the health and vitality to acne or tired and gray skin.

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