BB, CC, DD creams. Which is the best?

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It seems like it was only yesterday that we were introduced to innovative BB creams. Over two years ago nobody had even expected that this kind of universal formula can be created. A year later, cosmetic companies encouraged by the Beauty Balm’s huge success, has released its improved version in the form of CC creams. And finally, this year, the beauty shops’ shelves groan under the weight of DD crams.

How not to get lost and make the right choice?

Let’s start from the beginning. BB balms equals light formula. It moisturizes and protects your skin from UV rays but, unfortunately, it is usually not durable. It evens the skin tone nicely but on the other hand it does not give you good coverage. It is perfect for dry or mixed complexion without major skin problems.

Are CC crams any better then? They are not better but they are just different. The CC acronym stands for Color correcting . It is light and at the same time it gives medium to high coverage. It can hide any skin discoloration including dark circles under eyes and marks. Most of the CC crams are packed with light-diffusing particles, which make the skin tone look even and smooth. It is a good alternative for anybody with acne as it doesn’t clog pores. Additionally, CC creams were created for hot, humid weather when we want the skin to breathe.

The last, Daily Defense Cream was supposed to be the BB/CC hybrid. In fact, it was created not as much for face as for dry areas like feet, knees, and elbows. Because it provides your skin with deep hydration it is especially recommended for a mature skin. It is said that the moisturizing and covering formula does great job when it comes to hiding small wrinkles. So far only few companies has put a DD cream on the market so there is still plenty room left for improvement.

All three creams serve a different purpose. Each product is great, and it meets specific needs. It is important to take our time and to reflect on what we want the cream do for us. Once we specify our needs the decision making is quick and easy.

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