Beauty LAGOM – Discover the Secrets of Scandinavian Women’s Amazing Looks

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The Scandinavian relaxed approach to life is taking over the world. There is something charming and casual about the balance and moderation which are, at the same time, full of simple joy and chic.

The Nordic-born balance and unusual harmony are getting more and more fans. At first, people raved about hygge, or Danish philosophy of simplicity and the creation of friendly, cosy surrounding. Then, the Norwegian koselig took the floor. Now, the time has come for the Swiss and their lagom idea. Do you know that the harmony can enhance your femininity? How to keep stunning without sacrifices?

Beauty LAGOM – the beauty rules by Scandinavian gals

1. Variety is beautiful

We are all used to general canons of beauty and to following the trends. In the meantime, the Scandinavian women set their own trends. A coral color is in? That’s fine but if the hue doesn’t do with my skin tone, I won’t go for a coral lipstick. I can get a coral bracelet instead – this way of thinking goes along with the lagom philosophy. Scandinavian women are faithful to tried and tested brands, products and colors. They won’t be over-excited about some new arrivals. This is what makes the Viking females look so extraordinarily.

2. Makeup? Only the one that makes you feel beautiful & self-confident

This rule is really convincing – you are not the one who has to adapt to makeup trends. The makeup has to serve you. The products you use are the ones that make your feel fabulous, natural and freely. Scandinavian women know that they don’t have to copy anyone to be satisfied with their looks. The key thing is you feel good about yourself.

3. You don’t need lots of products. You need the RIGHT products

Have you ever experienced being overwhelmed by the tons of moisturisers, serums or long-forgotten eye creams, facial masks, hair conditioners, hand lotions…? According to Scandinavians, it is a common mistake which brings chaos into the skin care routine. To make things worse, the more creams you apply, the more vulnerable your skin becomes. Its natural self-defensive mechanisms are fading and it starts fighting with the overload of skin care products. What’s more, just think of how brilliant and prestigious cream you can purchase instead of all budget cosmetics building up in your bathroom. Before shopping, you can visit an aesthetician who will help you choose products right for the needs of your skin and advise you on how to keep your skin in excellent shape.

4. Multifunctioning products are priceless

Scandinavian women value minimalism. A blusher and lipstick in one product? That’s perfect. A beige pencil working like a highlighter, eyeshadow primer and waterline liner? It does exist! I guess every other Scandinavian gal has it in her beauty bag.

Multi-purpose products let you save room in your bathroom and beauty bag, as well as ideally go with the minimalist, sensible approach towards beauty care. That is why, people living in the Scandinavian countries love to use 2in1 shower gels and shampoos they can pack in their fitness bags, Aloe vera gels which are cut out for face, body and hair care: the more natural the ingredients, the higher the popularity the product enjoys among active women in the land of fjords.

5. Get rid of the unnecessary – minimalism in your beauty bag

Moderation and balance make up the base of lagom. The idea is simple: thanks to following the philosophy, you are not overwhelmed by objects. You don’t spend long hours on skin care routine. You know what and how to use to keep skin flawless, healthy and radiant. Lagom means on-point skin care without the unnecessary treatments and excess of products. Scandinavian women believe that an eaten fruit gives your skin more benefits than the best high-end moisturiser. Therefore, if you have unused cosmetics, give them away and introduce healthy order into your beauty care.

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