DIY: Create Your Own Makeup Vanity

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Dreaming of your own makeup spot at home? A place where you could show off your makeup products, brushes and perfume? You can do it yourself! There will be a mirror, the necessary lights and it will be princess-like. Learn the ideas and tips to create your own makeup vanity!

Makeup tables used to be extremely popular and present in nearly every bedroom. Then, this unit of furniture got a little forgotten. Nowadays, many girls dream of having a makeup table in their room. It’s a child’s play. Each of us can arrange a makeup vanity, for example, in the corner of the bedroom.

Makeup vanity – DO IT YOURSELF!

How to get round to it? You need two pieces of furniture (a shelf and something to sit on), a mirror and some room. I guess you have all the rest – beauty products, bags, brushes, accessories, etc. There is no need for spending lots of money to create your own private makeup table.

Step 1. Choose the perfect spot

Women generally pick the window sill. Why? Because it is a place with the best (and natural) light. After all, natural light is the prefered light for applying makeup so think of the right spot – under the window or nearby to have the face exposed to the sun. If the sun falls on your back, you will need some extra light for your table.

Step 2. Find pieces of furniture

If you’ve got a very wide window sill and there is no heater under it so you can sit comfortably, you’re safe. It may serve as your makeup vanity. However, if you’re not into the window-sill-makeup-vanity idea, a small desk,a budget table or a dresser will do. Even though antique makeup tables are the most impressive, you can make your own unusual vanity. The critical elements include a tabletop, at least one drawer for your makeup products. The mirror doesn’t have to be fixed to the table.

Step 3. Choose the right seat

The antique, atmospheric makeup vanities usually came together with a stylish chair (usually without the back). You can sit on anything you want – a chair, a footstool, a comfy armchair. If you put the table near your bed, you can apply makeup sitting on the bed.

Step 4. Don’t forget the mirror!

Without a mirror, the makeup vanity makes no sense. You are supposed to apply makeup in front of it so you need to see your reflection and all details. It is the only way to get the flawless makeup. If you go for an old-style vanity table, you’ve got the problem over with. However, while making DIY makeup desk, you must get the right mirror – a large wall mirror, a mirror you can put on the desktop, smaller or bigger one, standing mirror or a smart mirror you can connect to your phone! Feel free to use any mirror you have at hand.

Step 5. Make sure the light is right

Even if your vanity table stands close to the window, you might wanna get some extra light in case there’s not much sunlight outside or you get ready for a party in the evening. What kind of light is going to work best? Most of all – bright, natural, directed at your face, not the desktop. That is why an ordinary lamp won’t work. It would be ideal to get a big mirror with the  lights attached to the frame – like the ones in professional makeup ateliers and salons. If you can’t fix the lights yourself, use a tall lamp or attach two lamps to the sides of the mirror.

Step 6. Organize your makeup products

How to arrange the products to avoid the mess and chaos on your vanity? If your private makeup table has shelves and drawers, put some of the products (the ones you don’t use often) there. On the tabletop, put the products you use every day – a night cream, a moisturiser, mascara, foundation, perfume. Expose makeup brushes on the vanity, hide the products in fancy boxes, jars, bags, etc.

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