Boiderma Micellar Water- Is It Really So Good?

Face by Nicky Trynide

Boiderma Micellar WaterWhat do you do if you wear heavy make-up but hate using those soapy mascara removers? There is nothing that feels as bad as itchy and watery eyes after relaxing, night bath. Now there is an alternative to those irritating make-up cleansers.

The Micellar Water gained its name from micelles oil molecules in its water-like formula. When you apply this kind of water on the skin, those small molecules latch onto the make-up traces, dirt, and oil that sit on our skin, removing them in an effective and gentle way without causing irritation. The micellar water feels like a tonner but it is a deep face cleanser that leaves the skin clean, soft, and hydrated.

Bioderma specializes in the skincare products that are designed for sensitive skin with allergy. You will not find any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any other nasty detergents. This French product have become the most popular make-up remover of the decade. Every make-up artist have a micellar water in his/her kit and models love it because it does not require rinsing it off. Face wipes were already widely used; micellar water however can clean the skin with the use of a cotton but without rubbing the skin. It is a great product if you are travelling, have no access to the sink or simply because you are too lazy to get out of the bed.

Micellar waters is built of tiny micelle particles that draw make-up and any impurities from the skin. You can now remove three layers of waterproof mascara without leaving your bed. All you need is a reasonable amount on a cotton pad and a Bioderma Water.

Just swipe it gently and all make up is gone in a flash. Bioderma clean the skin thoroughly, without drying it, and without causing spots or breakouts. It is recommended for all skin types including the combination one. This innovative product costs more than standard drugstore make-up remover. It can be purchased only in good beauty shops and it costs around £15. It is an investment in your clean, healthy skin that is worth much more than that.

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