How to Contour and Highlight Your Face

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Highlight Your FaceFace contouring is simpler than you may think. What good contouring is and what can it change your face? Thanks to properly shaped face, you can look slimmer and more attractive.

If you haven’t used the bronzer before, you can start by taking a selfie. Stand in a natural light and capture your face and the neck. You will see, which parts of the face needs to be highlighted and which shroud stay in a ‘shadow’. You can study the shape of your face, and nose. The main rule says that you have to use light, peal colours to make something stand out, add darker tones to hide certain areas. You can use light and dark tone foundation, concealer, bronzer or highlighter.

You can start contouring from the top of the ear down towards the corner of your mouth. The best beauty product that can create the natural shadow is the matte bronzer two tones darker than your foundation. Draw the small line and blend it well to avoid any sharp lines. If you draw the line too low, your cheeks make appear saggy and out of proportion. A natural looking shadow will add more definition to your face and it will make the cheekbones pop out and be more visible. It is important that you do not bring the line all the way down to the mouth corner, as the face will look too sculpted. On the other hand, if you are creating the drag queen make up, you can make this line longer and sharper.

To get the natural sun kissed look, apply the bronzer above your temples, and bled it well into the hairline. The T-zone should remain lighter part of the face. Additionally, under eye area and checks ought to be very light as well. You can use the liquid concealer to cover the under eye area in a triangular shape. Start from the inner corner of your eye and drag the line down parallel to your nose. Then go upwards toward the outer eye corner. Blend the concealer into the skin to smooth out the colour transition. To make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, apply the highlighter or the concealer just under the outer part of the brow.

What is great about contouring is the fact that you can change the shape of the face and your nose. To contour the nose, use the foundation, which is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Draw the straight line on the bridge of the nose and drag it all the way up to the forehead. If you have a big forehead, you want to apply less light colour there, but if your forehead is small, you can make it larger by putting a lot of light shade in the upper T-zone. Use the bronzer and a small, soft brush to crate the new shape of the nose. If you think that your nose is too wide, draw the dark line on the sides of your nose and bring them all the way down to the nose tip. If your nose is too long, you can make it appear shorter by creating the dark vertical line on the tip of the nose and Make sure that you blend all the harsh lines for more natural look.

Did you know that you could also contour the shape of your chin? If your chin is quite big, you want to contour it with a bronzer, so that it seems smaller and in the ‘shadow’. You can also enlarge this part of the body by applying a light foundation in its middle part. You can apply a tiny bit of highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, under the brow bone and in the middle part of your nose bridge. This way, you draw the attention, to those areas and distract the viewer from the parts of the face that are less attractive. Too much of that lightening beauty product may make the face look dewy and greasy. Remember, moderation is the key.

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