Cosmetic facts and myths. Time for conscious skin care

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There are many myths around cosmetics and skin care. Sometimes we do not know who to trust, what to avoid, and whose words to put faith in. If you also have a problem with cosmetic facts and myths, then this text is just right for you.

After depilation, the growth increases and the hair is thicker 

There is a grain of truth in this statement. Hair grows back stronger and there is more of it after hair removal. The blade shortens the hair, which strengthens the hair shaft and causes that more hair grows back from one bulb. Properly done depilations with wax and sugar paste remove the hair along with the bulb. Systematic waxing damages the matrix and slows cell division of hair growth. As a result, the hair does not grow back as strong and thick as it used to be. However, the most effective treatment is laser hair removal. Thanks to the treatment, the skin stays smooth and the hair does not grow back at all.

The skin gets used to the cosmetics 

It’s a cosmetic myth in which many girls believe. The skin cannot get used to cosmetics. The reaction of the skin to a given product may change. This is the case for acids. If during the first weeks of treatment you felt pinching during the application of a cosmetic with acid, and during the final endeavours you did not feel anything, it does not mean that the skin got used to the product. Simply receptors in the skin have stopped responding, but the exfoliating effect of the acid is still present.

Baby cosmetics are suitable for adult skin care 

Nearly all baby cosmetics contain paraffin, lanolin, mineral oils and other “clogging” ingredients. Think about whether these products are really safe for children’s skin? If they are not, why should they be used by adults? What’s more, such components fulfil a specific task. They are to create a shield protecting the baby’s skin against harmful external factors. Adult skin requires a slightly different care. Not all skin types need such strong protection. Therefore, cosmetics for adults should be selected for the specific type of complexion.

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