When the summer is coming to the end… How to remove self-tanning cream from skin?

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If there are self-tanning cream stains and smudges on your body, there is a simple way to get rid of them fast. And the best part about this is that you don’t have to leave home and make an appointment with a beautician. Find out how to remove a self-tanning cream and enjoy the natural-looking skin.

The easiest way to remove a self-tanning cream is taking a bath or a long shower. Pour an oil or a bubble bath into the bathwater. Such a mixture facilitates you cleansing the body by removing a bronzing cosmetic so you can say goodbye to the smudges and marks. However, if the product still remains on your body, use either a sponge or a brush. Remember though not to rub the skin too fiercely – you can irritate the dermis easily. Also, you can use a body scrub. The good news is that you don’t need to buy the cosmetic. Make your own scrub by mixing any substances that matches your skin type. For example, mix sugar, salt or coffee with oils, honey or yoghurt. During applying the scrub, you will do more than just remove the self-tanning cream. Also, you’re going to smooth the skin and provide it with elasticity and softness.

When you cover the skin with a self-tanning cream, you probably don’t use a rough towel afterwards. You don’t use it to dry out the body because you don’t want to get the tan off. However, if you notice your body being covered with smudges and marks left due to this bronzing product, don’t hesitate and to this. Dry out your body using a rough towel; in this way, you are supposed to remove the residues of the self-tanning cream easily.

If you want to get rid of smudges and marks after using a self-tanning cream, give a go to lemon juice. Rub it precisely into your body and then rinse. After this procedure, your artificial tan should vanish in the blink of an eye. After all, lemon has lightening up features. Probably you used it more than once to remove discolorations or other imperfections from your fingernails, didn’t you?

And here comes the hint that probably belongs to one of the most pleasant. Smudges and marks left by a self-tanning cream can be removed due to spending time in a swimming pool. It’s said that chlorinate water removes this bronzing cream and leaves skin with its natural shade. Obviously, after swimming you should moisturise the entire body since chlorine has strongly dehydrating action; it can also irritate. Remember to take a shower after leaving a swimming pool and once your body is clean, you can follow with a moisturising balm.

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