Why reading labels won’t help you choose the right cosmetic?

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We all know the rules for choosing cosmetics. The shorter the composition, the better the cosmetic. A controversial ingredient at the final place in INCI? That’s good because its quantity in the product is small. The cosmetic contains only natural substances? … so it is safe for sensitive skin and does not irritate. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. So why not read cosmetics’ ingredients when shopping.

Ingredients that may be harmful 

Parabens, paraffin, glycerine and many more. Everyone is afraid of these ingredients. But is it right? As it turns out, some of the supposedly harmful substances can be quietly used. You just need to know how and who can use them. Some types of skin will benefit from glycerin and paraffin, while others do not. Not every of these ingredients performs a function that does not have much in common with skin care, but their presence in products is necessary.

Who was mixing the cream?

In fact, we do not know what the process of creating cosmetics looks like, from collecting ingredients to the packaging and placing it on the shelf in the drugstore. It is known that not every producer will be talking aloud about the technology of creating products. The marketing clout may be the placement of a mysterious ingredient on the label, which will not be present in the cosmetic itself.

The first and the last

It turns out that the ingredient that is in the last place of the composition does not have to be worse than the one that comes first. Therefore, do not get mislead by the order of ingredients given on the label. Very often, manufacturers give the content of the ingredient in dry matter. It does not have to go hand in hand with the place in INCI, but it can be connected with its effectiveness.

Where do the ingredients come from?

When you buy a cosmetic, you cannot check the quality and origin of the ingredients. Prices of products with the same plant extract from different brands can be completely different. How is this possible? It’s about the origin of this plant. The first cosmetic may contain native ingredients, while the second – growing in tropical jungles. The price is therefore influenced by their importation and adaptation to other ingredients from the product.

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