Which hair removal wax to choose? Tried-and-tested methods for smooth body skin

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If razors, creams and depilatory don’t remove hair from your body, it’s high time to give a go to wax. Probably, you can’t even imagine the profound effects wax hair removal procedure brings out. See it for yourself.


Pre Made Wax Strips

This very method of unwanted hair removal is recommended for the beginners. A strip of wax has to be warmed up between hands, pressed to the body and then pulled off by applying one, rapid hand motion. What’s important, the strip has to be removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Another thing worth pointing out is that one strip can be used a few times; as long as it clings to the skin. Once the procedure is over, apply oil or other moisturising cream to the skin area deprived of the unwanted hair. Thanks to this, you’ll soothe irritations and counteract ‘red spots’.

Hard Wax

During this type of hair removal procedure, it’s the wax temperature that is crucial. It has to be hot enough to facilitate distributing it all over the skin and get hard to remove the unwanted hair. On the other hand, the wax can’t be too hot since it may scald the skin. How to use hard wax? It is applied with the aid of a spatula, and when it hardens, it has to be pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This method is said to be more precise than pre made wax stripes. When in liquid form, wax penetrates the hair follicles. When you pull it off, you remove all the hair you want.

Sugaring Paste for Hair Removal

Undoubtedly, sugaring paste method is a time-consuming technique of removing hair. First, you have to prepare the substance, wait until it cools down, apply to skin and then rinse with warm water. However, the best part about this is that sugaring paste removes even the smallest and thinnest hair and the method itself isn’t painful at all. Still, it requires knack and mixing the ingredients in the right proportions.


The outcomes of wax hair removal are really incredible. The products you can buy in a drugstore or the ones available in beauty parlours contain soothing ingredients. The results of removing hair with the aid of wax hold out even up to four weeks. Of course, thanks to wax, you can make your skin smooth no matter the body part. Unfortunately, not everyone should make a use of this method. To clarify, people having varix, broken capillaries and suffering from skin allergies should refrain from removing their hair due to any type of wax.

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