Dark circles, wrinkles, dry skin remedy. How does eye mask work?

Eyes Skin by Nicky Trynide

The skin under eyes is problematic in care due to its thin, sensitive, and delicate structure. Moreover, it ages way faster than other parts of the skin so instead of waiting for the first signs of aging to appear and then trying to eliminate them, it is better to slow them down (because to prevent it entirely is rather impossible). Wrinkles and dry skin under eyes are not the only problems for these parts of the face, there are also dark circles under eyes. Is there any versatile method for all those problems? Allow us to introduce to you an eye mask. We will tell you all about how it works, what types are there, and what properties they have. We will answer the question about other methods for dark circles, wrinkles, and dry skin elimination and explain the difference between under eye cream and serum.

How does an eye mask work?

Under-eye patches are soaked with a serum that stimulates blood circulation. The patches have relaxing action and because they are full of vitamins, they also are nourishing for the tired and delicate skin in these areas of the face. What is more, they moisturize, tighten, and brighten the skin, but also eliminate swelling and dark circles under eyes.

Under-eye patches – types and properties

We can choose out of collagen eye mask, gel, and hydrogel patches that differ with the texture and properties. Collagen eye mask focuses on the elimination of puffiness under the eyes. It has a cooling action, brightens dark circles under eyes, and smooths out. Gel undereye patches moisturize the skin around eyes and flatten wrinkles and fine lines in this area. On the other hand, hydrogel patches have lifting and tightening action on the skin under the eyes.

Other methods for dark circles, wrinkles, and dry skin under the eyes

Other effective methods for those problems (all at once or just some of them) are creams and serum under the eyes. The use of the cosmetic of choice (or both) should start between the age of 25-30. Both cream and serum should match skin needs because products for this intended use can have various different properties.

Cream and serum under the eyes

Serum, contrary to the cream, has liquid texture. The cream usually has a thicker consistency. Moreover, the serum contains active substances in higher concentration and those have the ability to penetrate the deeper skin layers.

As we mentioned, you can use the serum or cream under the eyes, or both of them at the same time for more comprehensive skincare. If you decide to use both, start with the serum and after a few minutes proceed to the application of the cream.

The most popular ingredients of the under-eye serum are hyaluronic acid (moisturizes), vitamins C and E (both inhibit aging processes of the skin and vitamin C also eliminates hyperpigmentations), caffeine (stimulates blood circulation and lessens puffiness) and arnica extract (brightens the skin and eliminates dark circles under the eyes). The action of this cosmetic is similar to under-eye patches so depending on the specific product it can moisturize or tighten or eliminate wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

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