Eyebrow makeup. Eyebrow pomade – which to choose and how to use it?

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Impressively highlighted eyebrows are regarded as the central point of makeup. Depending on the needs, they emphasize or improve the shape of the eyes and face. There is a range of cosmetics in different colours that we can choose from. One of them is pomade for eyebrows. What is it, what are the effects and how to use it? How to choose the right colour?

What is the eyebrow pomade?

It is a mascara with a cream- based formula. Its gel consistency makes the pomade perfect for filling in your eyebrows, painting them from scratch as well as painting individual eyebrows.

Women who need the pomade to paint individual lashes will also need a precise brush that will facilitate the application of the cosmetic. It is not an easy task but after a few tries you will gain practice.

Eyebrow pomade – effects

It’s also called a liner. Thanks to its gel consistency, it does not smudge especially if we choose the waterproof version. This product also helps you hold your eyebrows in place.

The pomade allows you to precisely shape the eyebrows, so that the lines of the arches are sharp in comparison to those painted with brow powders or pencils. Also, with the use of pomade you are able to add some coats for a clearer underlining of the top and end of the eyebrows and a creating a gradient in front. Be careful not to use too much of the pomade to keep a natural effect.

Eyebrow pomade – how to use it?

In order to properly use the pomade, you need to have some kind of an applicator. Usually, it is in the form of a thin brush, in some cases the brush can be bought together with the product itself. It enables you to fill in the eyebrows and paint the individual hairs.

Before we begin, it’s good to apply loose powder on the eyebrow. Then brush it carefully to prepare it and give it a specific shape. Brush the eyebrows in the direction of growth.

How to apply the pomade?

Just take a small amount of it on the brush and rub it on your palm; this way you will use the right amount of the product. Begin by drawing a line on the bottom of the eyebrow. Then fill in the whole brow in such a way that the front is a bit lighter than the top or end of the tail.

How to choose the right colour of the pomade?

The colour of the pomade should match the colour of hair and complexion. In general, the pomade should be 2-3 tones darker than the hair colour.

  • And yes – blondes should use light colours. Depending on the shade of hair and complexion, blondes should choose light graphite, dark grey, blonde, light honey, gold, caramel, light and dark brown. The best idea is to mix several shades to obtain a desired one.
  • Brown-haired women and brunettes should use dark shades of brown and graphite, chestnut, mahogany, chocolate, walnut and dark honey. Generally, black is not recommended since it gives a very unnatural effect.
  • Ginger-haired should go for brown with copper undertones if their skin colour is of the warm tone. If it’s of the cold, then pomades in cold shades of brown are better – depending on the colour of complexion – chestnut or dark brown.
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