How to take care of skin on hot days? Proven methods only

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Hot days and the scorching sun make face skin’s life miserable. And it’s not only about solar radiation but also other factors which affect it and worsen its contrition. Luckily, there are simple and effective ways thanks to which you can pamper your skin in the broiling weather.

Facial skin prone to heat waves

During the summer skin is exposed to the adverse action of external aggressors. These include:

  • solar radiation,
  • free radicals,
  • high temperature,
  • high humidity,
  • dry and hot air.

The outcomes of summer aura have the form of dehydration, dryness, irritation and redness. As a consequence of strong solar influence on skin, sunburns and even skin cancer might be triggered. The general state of skin might become worse, capillaries may break and rosacea might appear.

How to take care of skin during heat waves?

There are a few effective methods to keep your face skin in good condition despite being continuously exposed the scorching sun. The easiest ones are:

  • cool aloe gel facial mask – aloe gel brings relief to irritated skin, it cools skin down as you are relaxing while having it on. In order to prepare the mask, you can use an aloe gel or beauty products that contain aloe in their composition. Put the cosmetic into the fridge and then apply a thick layer of it to your face skin. Either pat or remove the excess of aloe from your face after a few minutes;
  • collagen – when exposed to the sun, skin becomes dry, tight and wrinkled. Apart from that, solar radiation has negative impact on collagen and elastin fibers causing fine lines. Luckily, it’s exceptionally easy to restore the youthful look to your facial skin. Just treat it with a cooled collagen serum. Additionally, you can spray your face with a facial mist, thermal water or herbal distillate. Also, try to give your face massage while applying the collagen serum;
  • facial mist – always carry it on you. This beauty product will refresh, moisturize and invigorate your face. Use only the facial mists which composition is natural. Avoid the products which contain alcohol, fragrances and other substances that might irritate skin in the summer.
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