See eyelash serums that bring stunning effects. Ranking TOP 5

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See eyelash serums that bring stunning effects. Ranking TOP 5
Luscious and long lashes are a dream of numerous women. If your own hairs are thin and tend to fall out, you can strengthen them with the use of a lash serum. All you need to do is select the right product for your needs.

How to choose an eyelash serum?

Don’t know how to do that? Because we want to make this task easy for you, we prepared a ranking of the 5 best eyelash serums. These are the most popular choices according to women all over the world. They are able to strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes so you can enjoy the effect of a set of falsies and bring out the colour of your eyes.

Reasons why you should use an eyelash serum

Compositions of lash serums contain nourishing ingredients that take care of eyelashes from within. They stimulate faster hair growth, protect from lash loss as well as lengthen and boost density maximally. Simply use it every day and you are going to look as though you used a pencil eyeliner! Use an eyelash serum right after makeup removal and follow the instructions and you will see how beautiful your eyelashes can look! 

Check out our ranking of the 5 best eyelash serums that work exceptionally well!


1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

This lash serum is a favourite of many makeup fans and professional makeup artists across the world. It ensures 50% longer and fuller lashes after just 30 days of systematic use. The first effects will be visible halfway through the treatment as your hairs will get darker and stronger. The product is tested ophthalmologically and dermatologically so the formula is safe for sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of irritation. Nanolash Eyelash Serum is dedicated to everyone, regardless of their hair type. The ergonomically designed, well-refined brush makes everyday use of the serum nearly effortless. The composition has been subjected to detailed analyses and is proven to be completely safe for health. Nanolash guarantees ultimate protection against damage. The composition consists of active substances that work from the roots to the very ends, ensuring nourishment and hydration. Remember that only regular use of the Nanolash serum will bring you the desired results.

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum

Eyelashes doubled in length, thickness and density? You can have all of it thanks to Lashcode. It’s a very common pick among consumers. This product moisturizes and nurtures incredibly well while the hairs are shielded against damage. It is equipped with a precision, ergonomic applicator that simplifies your everyday routine. Deep regeneration of lash follicles revitalizes hairs, preventing them from falling out. Just one swipe along the upper lash line once a day is everything you need. The key ingredients in this special lash serum are baicalein, soy and wheat germ extract, arginine, and peptide complex. These are highly valuable substances that care for the proper hydration levels, nourishment as well as natural lash growth. The Lashcode serum is one of the best ways to emphasize your gaze.

3. RevitaLash Advanced

This lash serum is tested in terms of ophthalmology. It doesn’t contain parabens or any adverse substances. It is the perfect way to improve the condition of brittle, weak and damaged lashes. RevitaLash is a product that will make your gaze more expressive. This lash serum has a carefully-developed formula which consists of nourishing peptides inhibiting hair loss, intensely hydrating biotin, strengthening sabal palm and active nano peptides. This cruelty-free product will quickly emphasize the beauty of your eyelashes. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic qualities so you don’t have to worry that it harms your fragile lashes. Intensive treatment with RevitaLash will result in long, voluminous lashes in under 3 months.

4. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

A highly effective lash serum that boosts lash appearance in 2 months. It has been tested ophthalmologically and clinically so you are guaranteed maximum safety of use. The RapidLash’s formula and the innovative HEXATEIN® 1 complex are a combination of highly effective ingredients that reconstruct and regenerate hairs. They are: panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) that provides hydration and nourishment, polypeptides that protect against breakage, rejuvenating biotin, amino acids that strengthen protein structure, soybean oil full of vitamins, and pumpkin seed extract that improves the appearance of eyelashes. The RapidLash serum is a fantastic choice for any woman who wishes to lengthen and thicken her hairs as well as enhance her eye colour.

5. FEG Eyelash Enhancer

A professional lash serum that enjoys enduring popularity. It’s quite difficult to encounter it in physical stores as it’s in demand. This vegan product will last you up to 6 months of use. It ensures the visible effects of thicker and fuller lashes and promotes hair growth. The FEG serum’s composition is free of parabens and other harmful substances. This lash serum’s safety is proven by dermatological research so you are sure it’s safe to use. The FEG lash serum is a great method to improve the look of your eyelashes.

Effective lash regeneration

A good lash serum is key to providing yourself with a proper dose of nourishment and regeneration. A lash growth serum takes care of eyelashes and their look – thanks to these products, they look fabulous even with no makeup. Don’t forget about everyday lash care if you wish to enjoy your beautiful look. Sometimes mascara is not enough. Go for a safe serum full of carefully-selected active ingredients. A lash growth conditioner will take care of your eyelashes by impacting hair follicles. 

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