Toners, herbal distillate and thermal waters. What to choose to take care of face skin?

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Natural hair and body care is on constantly. And this is a good approach to adopt because the most effective substances originate from nature. What should be used to replace regular face toners? Herbal distillate or thermal water!

Daily hair and body care is a never ending sequence of choices. Most women use drugstore products, whereas others keep looking for an alternative, for something that might appear to be more natural for their skin. It turns out that many beauty products available in shops can be replaced with cosmetics originated from nature. Therefore, before you start producing your homemade face creams (and this is pretty tough), it’s worth beginning with something a little bit easier – a face toner.

Face toner. What’s its task?

It’s hard to find a definition of face toner that would list all properties of the cosmetic. The truth is, a lot depends on how we use the beauty product. Probably, we would be able to find a face toner in every bathroom, yet not everyone uses this product in the same way. So, what’s a face toner?

A face toner is a watery cosmetic (frequently it’s water-based) that houses substances known as being beneficial for face skin. In most cases these are: oils, plant extracts, vitamins and active substances that positively influence the way skin looks.

Regularly applied toner is supposed to:

  • restore natural pH level of skin;
  • moisturise and prevent water loss;
  • supply skin with vital nutrients;
  • soothe irritations and reduce skin blemishes;
  • free skin from impurities, toxins and makeup;
  • prevent premature skin aging;
  • take care of skin condition and its look.

What toner is the best one?

If you’re going to buy a light cosmetic, which is supposed to cleanse our skin and take care of it, bear in mind the most important criterion – naturalness.

The best beauty products are the ones which don’t contain redundant preservatives, artificial colourants or fragrances, and alcohols (they dehydrate skin although they facilitate the nourishing substances reaching inner skin structures). Sadly, in most beauty products available in drugstores, you will find the very redundant substances and similar ingredients that our skin doesn’t need.

Alternatives to face toner. How to replace it?

If you can’t find a readymade product with natural composition that won’t harm skin, you can replace a toner with something else. In this case, herbal destilates and thermal waters may serve the purpose.

Actually, you can try to replace a face toner with a natural oil (it cleanses skin, takes care of it, balances pH and regulates work of sebaceous glands), but oils aren’t that light and well-absorbing, so using them requires following a few rules and being more cautious.

Instead of a face toner: Herbal distillate

What’s herbal distillate? This is a substance extracted from plants/herbs – mainly from their leaves and flowers – by steam distillation. Through this process essential oils are obtained and the herbal distillate is, in fact, a by-product that has so many interesting features that it’s used equally often as essential oil.

An advantage of herbal distillates is the fact that they share almost the same qualities with oils and are similarly supplied with nourishing substances, but they are better tolerated by skin (essential oils might irritate skin). Their light formula, delicate action and fast absorption make herbal distillate a good alternative to regular face toners.

Instead of a face toner: Thermal water

What’s thermal water, another alternative to face toner? As the name speaks for itself, it’s simply water, but not just regular water because it originates from the deepest underground sources. This gifts the water with amazing properties because it’s exceptionally rich in precious mineral substances. Under the influence of warmth (the deeper the source is located, the warmer it gets) specific chemical reactions takes place in water that encourage creation of unique nourishing substances.

Thermal water serves well as a face toner because its light, well-absorbing formula is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t only work externally by bringing relief, cleansing and facilitating treating various skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis) but also from the inside – by nourishing, moisturising and regenerating.

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