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What is the most common skin problem among women who turned 30? Pigmentation spots appear due to the disrupted work of melanocytes. What is the best way for fighting discoloration? You can use professional cosmetics or undergo beautifying treatments but first, it is a good idea to test home methods for pigmentation spots.

How do pigmentation spots come into being? There are lots of causes, therefore it is hard to match the right skin care for our problem. Smaller and bigger spots and freckles usually appear due to the sunlight. Other reasons include the hormone imbalance, diseases e.g. connected with thyroid, skin ageing processes.

Home Methods. Better?

Saying that home remedies for pigmentation are better is a bit exaggerated. It depends on our expectations. Do we desire instant effects? Are we patient and want skin care to be natural and safe for the skin? Home methods for pigmentation spots have some pluses:

  • ingredients of masks for pigmentation spots are very cheap,
  • the methods are based on widely-available products,
  • natural methods are fully safe, even for the sensitive skin,
  • they deliver long-lasting improvement yet you must wait for the effects.

We must decide ourselves if natural remedies to remove pigmentation answer our needs. They are not expensive or time-consuming so feel free to test at least one of them.

Home methods to fight pigmentation spots

  • Lemon juice – vitamin C is very effective in removing discolorations. You need a bit of a freshly squeezed (from the half lemon) juice. Rub it in the spots; they should get brighter after a few weeks.
  • Horseradish – when it comes to aromas, it is not a pleasant method. You finely grate the horseradish. Apply it to the discolored skin in form of a mask. Effects come after a few weeks.
  • Sour milk – included in natural yoghurts, buttermilk, kefir – is another effective product that helps reduce pigmentation spots. All you need to do is apply a chosen ingredient to discolored skin. It will make your skin smoother.
  • Honey – the source of antibacterial and purifying substances. That is why it is so common in DIY masks. Honey is amazing for fighting pigmentation – even when you apply it topically without any extra ingredients. You must remember to use it a few times a week.
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