How to apply foundation for a flawless, natural look?

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Have you ever bought an expensive foundation that failed you eventually? Next time, before you give it to your friend, take a closer look at the way you apply this cosmetic. It may turn out that it is worth giving it another chance. The proper way of applying the foundation is more than half the battle. What else is important to achieve a natural make-up look? Check below!

Properly applied foundation – how to do it?

In addition to a well-chosen foundation, which matches the type and tone of your skin, it is also important how you do it and what tools you use. You have a lot of different accessories to choose from, but actually… only three of them work:

  • beauty blender sponge,
  • flat top brush,
  • fingers.

It turns out that the simplest things are the best. One of the most common mistakes when applying the foundation is the use of a large, flat brush, which still can be found in some beauty salons.This brush only smeared the foundation instead of blending it into the skin. It ruined the results of the best make-up foundations. That’s why if you still own that kind of brush – it’s high time get rid of it. Your fingers will give much better results than large, flat brushes.

Properly applied foundation – fingers

If you don’t have any accessories to apply the foundation, don’t worry. Your own fingers are enough for a precise make-up. Why? Mostly because you can feel your skin. This way you will know if the amount applied is appropriate and the foundation almost invisible on your skin. How to apply foundation using your fingers? Just tap the foundation into the skin, the same way you apply face cream. Forget about rubbing it, only gentle dabbing can give you satisfactory results. Don’t forget to wash your hands before applying the foundation. During the application, gradually add more foundation to the places that need to be covered more precisely.

Properly applied foundation – beauty blender

This little egg-shaped sponge has become extremely popular recently. It seems to be irreplaceable when it comes to face make-up. However, it’s important to use the original beauty blender, fake ones often absorb the foundation.

Beauty blender should be moistened before use – do it carefully: the sponge should be slightly damp. You can use tap, boiled, distilled water or hydrolate, which is the best option of those. Thanks to this, you will also provide the skin with good care. Of course, you should choose the hydrolate to your skin type. The rose hydrosol (rose water) can be used by most of the types of skin.

Properly applied foundation – flat top brush

Since the launch of flat top make-up brush – the application of foundation is experiencing a renaissance. The brush should be used in a way the beauty blender is – you have to dab the foundation into the skin. It is important that the brush is of good quality, dense, thick and perfectly cut. It is not worth saving on such a gadget – a good brush will serve you for years.

Important tips at the end

  • don’t apply make-up in a hurry, because you will not be able to perfectly blend in the foundation;
  • the brush for foundation should be slightly moistened;
  • before applying the foundation, the skin should be prepared for make-up – clean it thoroughly, use toner and then apply a good, light moisturising face cream;
  • the way you finish make-up is equally important – after applying the foundation, wait a moment for it to dry, only after about a minute apply a bit of powder.
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