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Make-up art is not easy and sometimes it takes years to learn it. We experiment with different cosmetics and we usually get away with it even if the effect is not like we had predicted earlier. Foundation, therefore is one of those beauty products that has to be matched perfectly, otherwise it can ruin the whole look. Do you know how to pick the right one?

Here is everything you should know when purchasing the ultimate foundation.

Step one- cleansing the skin

Before you put anything on your face, make sure it is perfectly clean and moisturized. The most effective cleansing method is using the face scrub. This method can remove all dead cells and impurities so that the makeup will hold to the skin better. Then, make sure that you hydrate your skin with deep moisturizing. Pay attention to the dry areas of your face mainly cheeks and around your nostrils. You don’t want your setting powder to flake off and create dry patches on the skin.

Step 2 Match the foundation to the type of your skin

There are different types of skin and each of them has different needs. If your complexion is dry-pick the oil based foundation. On the other hand, if you have a combination skin that shines in the T-zone, choose the mattifying liquid powder. We can also distinguish fluids with full, medium or sheer coverage. If you have a lot to hide, you can get the full coverage powder or the good concealler. You should also pay attention to ingredients of the particular foundation. The more natural and free of any nasties, the better. Some skin types are prone to breakouts when treated with certain types of liquid foundations.

Step 3 Get the right shade

It may seems that matching the foundation to the skin tone is almost impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most important rule is to try the foundation not on your face or neck but on the back of your wrist. Your face can be tanned and the artificial light will not do the justice. If the product blends well on your hands, that means that it is the right shade for you.

Step 4 Use different tones depending on the season

You may find that the foundation that you have been using during winter is a bit too light for summer. Similarly, the liquid powder that you have purchased during late spring creates the face mask on your winter, pale complexion. It would be great if you could have the same product in 2 tones- lighter and darker and use them according to the season.

Step 5 Use the face premier

If you would like your make up last much longer, use the face base before you put the foundation on. You will see that your make up will not require any touch ups and that it will still look fresh, even in the evening.

Step 6 Application method

It is very personal and everybody likes different way of applying the foundation. Liquid foundations can be applied with a thick brush or a damp Beauty Blender. Mousse and creamy foundations will work best when you use your fingers to warm it up and distribute evenly on your skin.

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