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Bare Minerals®

What are Bare Minerals®? Bare Minerals® is the cosmetic line created by the Bare Escentuals Company founded in the 1976 in California. The company, from the very beginning promoted natural beauty products that do not contain any harmful ingredients.

The huge popularity comes when the Bare Mineral Foundation has been released. It has been advertised as a completely natural and preservative-free foundation. It was a huge breakthrough in the beauty industry. Customers felt in love with Bare Minerals. It was the first foundation that does not contain oils, talc, and fragrance being very attractive to customers with sensitive skin. The formula has been enriched in mica, bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide which nourish the skin delaying its ageing process. Each Bare Mineral product also contains titanium dioxide, which scatters ultraviolet light and creates a protective barrier against sun rays. Each product is marked with different SPF according to the amount of the titanium dioxide in the formula.

The first step to perfect flawless skin is the Bare Minerals Skin Rev-er Upper. It is a product that smoothens the surface of your skin. It needs to be applied as a prep before you put the mineral foundation on. This product is reach in vitamins and minerals that hydrate the skin for the whole day when wearing make-up. It also contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid that can clean the clogged pores leaving the skin clean and smooth.

When the skin is ready, you can go ahead and apply the Bare Mineral Foundation. The foundation is in the form of a loose powder so it needs to be applied with the brush. Take a bit of the powder on the brush tapping off any excess product. Mineral foundation is very efficient so only tiny bit of powder will do the job. Even if you have dry skin you can still use the lose powder foundation. This mineral product is very creamy to the touch, it does not leave any dry patches, and it does not flake off. Regardless of the skin type you may have, mineral foundation gives you light to medium coverage, bare skin, and fresh look.

After the foundation is done, you can conceal all skin discolorations. The bare foundation company recommends using the small, tight bristle brush and the foundation to cover all skin imperfections. By tapping the product on the skin, we can get the full coverage and hide even very dark spots or dark under eye circles. The Bare Minerals gives you the airbrush, flawless looking make-up.

The cons of the Bare Mineral products are that the brush is required. The cosmetic is sold on its own and the brush is sold separately. Unless you are the owner of a good kabuki brush, you will need to spend around £30 on a decent make-up tool.
The greatest advantage of the Bare Minerals series is that the foundation is longwearing. It lasts for the whole day and no touch-ups are required. The T- zone remains matte and the cheek areas are not getting dry. Bare Minerals products are affordable and any make-up lover will be happy to discover that the company sells personalized make-up sets with tools.

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