Brahmi oil: for the health of falling out hair

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Brahmi oil is one of many products used in Ayurveda. Natural medicine of Hindu holds answers to almost all problems, also the one with hair. Brahmi oil is a way to get rid of excess hair loss and prevent baldness. How does it work?

Bacopa monnieri, or brahmi is a precious herb, which key properties are in cosmetology. It stimulates new proteins, which are in our skin and hair. Has anti-inflammatory action and in great way fulfils antioxidant role. It inhibits ageing processes in cells, supports regeneration and boosts inter-cellular renewal, which contributes to health and beauty.

Brahmi oil. What’s in the composition?

As a general rule, Indian oils for hair are much richer in precious nutrients. In case of brahmi we talk about the entire set of conditioning and healing substances. Natural brahmi oil contains, among many: saponins, phytosterols and flavonoids. Thanks to these and many more nourishing ingredients it provides hair with health and strength. There is a good reason for brahmi being one of the most often used herbs in Ayurveda (natural medicine).

Brahmi oil properties:

  • antioxidant and rejuvenating action,
  • hair cells renewal,
  • inhibiting negative ageing effects,
  • soothes skin inflammations,
  • stabilizing structures of cell membranes.

Is brahmi oil suitable for hair?

It is said that natural brahmi oil is an ideal remedy that improves memory and concentration. However, beside making your mind brighter, it can also improve condition. It is often used in hair care to provide it with strengthening and growth stimulation. This oil is highly recommended for hair loss, because it can prevent excess falling out. Regular application on hair and scalp makes hair bulbs better rooted, while hair stop break. Brahmi oil is a remedy for baldness. It eliminates these and other cells ageing processes in the scalp, which usually contribute to hair weakening.

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