Hair styling oils Finishing Oils from Oil Ultime series by Schwarzkopf Professional

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Styling and hair care in one? Or maybe hairstyling in four different ways? Such diversity was provided by the Schwarzkopf Professional brand. With four oils from the series Oil Ultime, the hair will be perfectly arranged and groomed at the same time. Which of the oils will work best for your hair?

Oil Ultime series by Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional Finishing Oils include:

Marula Finishing Oil by Schwarzkopf Professional

The product has been made on the basis of natural, purified marula oil. It is great for sensitive hair of medium length and thickness. The cosmetic provides shine, makes the strands soft to the touch, and the raised hair scales – smoothed. It has a light formula, so it does not burden the hair and does not leave an oily coating on them. Marula oil can be used for both dry and moist hair.

Barbary Fig Finishing Oil by Schwarzkopf Professional

Contains 100% natural fig oil. It has a nutritional effect and strengthens dry and brittle hair. What’s more, thanks to its delicate consistency, it smoothes out the strands without overburdening. The oil makes styling easier, helps in brushing and shortens hair drying time. It can be applied to dry as well as wet hair.

Rose Finishing Oil by Schwarzkopf Professional

It is a natural rose oil, very popular in hair and scalp care. It is often used because of its amazing properties and beautiful scent. The product provides the strands with a lot of nutrients, it regenerates damaged hair, smoothes unruly strands and enhances the hair’s natural glow. It works well on both dry and wet hair.

Argan Finishing Oil by Schwarzkopf Professional

It is recommended for styling medium and thick hair. Thanks to the use of natural argan oil, the product provides the strands with softness and gloss. It smoothes out frizzy and static hair, disciplines unruly strands, facilitates brushing and accelerates drying. It has a light texture that penetrates into the hair and does not leave a greasy coating on the surface. Like rose oil, figs and marula can be applied to wet and dry hair.

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