Coconut oil in hair care. Natural conditioner – a remedy for all problems?

Hair by Nicky Trynide

For many women, beautiful hair remains in the realm of dreams. Usually, the blame falls on inappropriate care. Coconut oil is a natural hair conditioner that can be a game-changer when it comes to beauty treatments. It comprises vitamins and minerals that your hair will love!

Th things we know about the use of natural oils for beauty purposes is only a drop in the ocean in comparison to what the people of the East know about it. That is where the skin and hair oiling is a traditional beauty treatment. Various exotic oils are used for it, however, the local women love coconut oil especially. Why?

Cold-pressed coconut oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts has a very rich composition. It includes various nutrients, vitamins, mineral, essential fatty acids. Also, it is a source of an oxidant – vitamin E, the so-called ‘vitamin of youth’.

Coconut oil – dry hair buster 

When it comes to dry hair care, coconut oil can successfully replace a hair conditioner. It will take care of the proper hair condition and enhance its natural beauty.

  1. It prevents ends from splitting.
  2. It is a natural sunscreen.
  3. It prevents the strands from becoming dull and dry.
  4. It strengthens the bulbs and prevents hair loss.

The use of coconut oil 

At room temperature, good quality coconut oil has a buttery texture, and if (completely unnecessarily) one places it in the fridge, it can be really difficult to scoop. That is why the use of coconut oil may seem a bit complicated. No worries, as a matter of fact, the use of coconut oil is easy even despite the unusual consistency.

Step 1. Preheat the oil to a minimum temperature of 25 degrees to make it melt. You can do it in a water bath, in a microwave (just a few seconds) or simply by putting a bowl of oil on the radiator. It can be even warmed up by rubbing it in the palms of your hands.

Step 2. The oil is to be applied to wet hair. Moisture not only facilitates the application of oil but also improves its absorption. It is best to rub it in the tips of the hair and massage into the scalp, and cover the whole length with a minimum amount.

Step 3. Tie the hair in a high knot and secure it with a warm towel. Such a home sauna for your hair will make the results much better. How long should you keep the coconut oil in your hair? From 30 minutes up to several hours. You can leave it in overnight an wash out in the morning.

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