Lash Growth Serums Comparison Review

Hair by Nicky Trynide

Many of you have heard that Lash Growth Serum works miracle on sparse and short lashes. The choice of that kind of product on the market is wide and it may be difficult to pick the right one. We have chosen three the most popular enhancers, and gave them to try to our HR female staff. The test was carried out over the period of 2 months. Each of the lady was applying the Lash serum before bed on the clean skin. Here are what we found out.

RapidLash – Jenna Crow

It took me over a week to get used to applying the Enhancer on the lash line. The small brush was a bit stiff and I felt that it takes too much of the product on. My eyes were slightly itchy at the beginning but then the feeling went away. There is merely any improvement in my lash condition. I was hoping that my lashes would be thicker and longer but it didn’ happen. I have to say that I am deeply disappointed with this drugstore product.

Nanolash – Vivienne Mackintosh

I had no problem applying it. It goes on smoothly on the lash line. I liked the fact that it was scent-free and very gentle to my sensitive skin. I was a bit worried at the beginning of the test as I am allergic to to chemicals in the beauty products, but it did not cause any irritation. After the first month, my lashes were visibly thicker. Now I can see how long my lashes have grown. They look fantastic. My eyes seems bigger and fresh. I love my abundant lashes! I recommend Nanolash to anybody who would like to improve the look of their lashes.

Revitalash – Nicole Redman

My results are great. I was applying it once a day only on the upper lash line. Once the product h=got into my eye and it I felt some burning but I rinsed it with water and it got better. After this incident, I was extra cautious when I was applying Revitalash. My lashes are long and thick. The only complain I may have is that lashes are straight and that they grow in awkward directions. There is hardly any curl to them. Overall, I am pleased with the result and I think that it is a great product if you know you are careful using it.

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