Hair cream and serum – equivalents or complementary goods?

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No serum will replace cream, period! It is time to put this horrible myth to rest, because it can only cause more problems than its worth. Hair serum (even the best, the most expensive and the most complex) can never replace hair cream, mask or conditioner. We want to begin with debunking the theory that hair serum is a substitute for other hair care products. All in all, serum can only be complementary element.

Why hair serum cannot replace hair conditioner?

It is said that serum holds greater concentration of active substances, is enriched with more substances and offers deeper nourishment. This is all true. However, this does not mean that you can replace hair conditioner or mask with it. There are two key reasons.

  1. Hair serum is a cosmetic for special tasks, and should be used as an additional treatment to complement hair care. It should be considered for elimination of given issue, that appear. It can greatly help in temporary or occasional hair nourishment, e.g. after winter season.
  2. Hair serum does not contain substances responsible for hair protection, so it is unable to protect them against, e.g. sun radiation. Despite all valuable ingredients delivered to skin by the serum, you should never stop on it. Conditioner or protective cosmetic should complement treatment to provide hair with essential protection.

Hair serum and conditioner as a complementary goods

If you decide on use of serum, it has to complement everyday hair care, though it is not used on the daily basis. After hair wash we need to provide them with complex nourishment, which cannot be ensured by e.g. concentrated serum focused on regeneration of damaged hair. This dependence can be compared to ingesting dietary supplements. If we suffer from magnesium deficit (problem), we decide on taking pills with magnesium (serum), but do not quit eating (conditioner), which was in our diet (standard hair care) to this moment. Just like magnesium tablets, serum is a solution to the given problem and is used as a complementation of ongoing treatments.

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