Remedies for dark under-eye circles and puffiness

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Many women must struggle with visible dark circles under the eyes. To cover them up, we have two options. We can use a strong concealer in a shade of skin or neutralize the color of shadows to use a lighter product. It is harder to mask the bags under the eyes. What are the ways for shadows and bags under the eyes?

Remedies for dark circles under the eyes

The selection of the remedy should depend on the type of skin. Women who have dry skin prefer using moisturizers because they are usually lighter. In addition, concealers tend to gather in wrinkles and emphasize them. On the other hand, it is difficult to find heavier cosmetics that will not enhance them, so it is better to apply them in a small amount. For this purpose, concealers in colors that neutralize dark circles under the eyes will work best. If you are going to additionally cover these concealers, we can reach for a full coverage foundation or another concealer, this time in the color of the skin.

If the dark circles under the eyes are darker than the rest of the skin, the concealer that we reach for should have brightening properties. It is also worth choosing them if your eyes make the area under the eye shaded by the eyebrow. In this case, a lighter concealer should be used because it will brighten the shadows and, as a result, will make the whole face look brighter.

What concealer color to choose?

If you aim to neutralize your dark circles, you can complete our own set of two cosmetics: the first shade will neutralize your shadows and the second will match the color of our skin.

If you are looking for a neutralizing color, then bear in mind that:

  • shades with a yellow undertone neutralize the purple and reddish shades;
  • pinkish, salmon and peach shades neutralize brown and olive shades;
  • peach and apricot shades neutralize purple and bluish shades.

How to apply the concealer?

Concealers should be applied with fingertips, especially if we want them to blend in with the skin. Brushes, on the other hand, perform better in the case of liquid correctors that dry over time.

The first product should be spread using an applicator and gently pat with your fingers. The cosmetic layer should be thin because our goal is not to cover but to change the color of the dark circles. Excess product can be lightly wiped with the fingertip and then patted.

When the neutralizing concealer will go dry and blend with the skin, we put on the next cosmetic, that is, either a concealer in the shade of our skin or a concealing foundation. Also, this product is worth dabbing in with your fingertip. In order for the product layer to be thin enough, it should be placed first on the wrist and then on the finger. When we transfer the cosmetic straight from the packaging, we often get too much of it, and if we apply it directly under the eyes, we interfere with the previous layer.

How to fix the concealer to prolong its durability?

In order to fix the concealer, you can lightly pat a small amount of the powder into it. For this purpose, it is worth taking a bit of powder in your fingertips and rub one by another in order to flick off excess. Then, use your fingers to transfer the powder under the eye in the desired amount. Thanks to this, nothing settles and does not collect in the fine lines, and dry skins are not emphasized.

The quality of the powder is equally important. Not all show on the skin in the same way. Some are more visible, others less, some brighten it up, others mattify. It is worth trying mineral powders that may have illuminating and mattifying properties.

Remedies for puffiness under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a relatively small problem compared to bags under the eyes, which are much harder to get rid of. Below you will find a trick that will help hide the bags under the eyes.

To reduce puffiness under the eyes, something icy should be placed on this part of the skin, for example, a frozen compress, a gel compress or a frozen teaspoon. The latter is the most desirable, because the shape is matched to the eye. The cold will cause the blood vessels to shrink, and as a result, restore the proper flow of blood and lymph.

How to cover up the bags under the eyes with makeup?

For puffiness and bags under the eyes, the concealer applied traditionally will not be as effective. In order to hide the bags under the eyes use the darker shade of the concealer, similar to the color of the skin, because in general, the dark color reduces and zooms out, whilst the bright one does the opposite – enlarges and zooms in.

Another way is to apply a light corrector only in the place where the puffiness starts. In this case, the cosmetic is to be applied with a thin strip along the darker line. The bright color is meant to fill this hollow, and thus cover up the puffiness.

Beforehand, it is worth applying a concealer in an orange shade, which will neutralize bluish and purple tones under the eyes. The cosmetic should be well dabbed into the skin, especially at the edges of the bags. Then, a bright concealer with a denser consistency should be guided exactly over the line on which the shadow of the bag runs, that is, where the bag begins to be convex. Then blend and apply a full coverage concealer matching your skin color.

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