Remedies for Hair Loss & Skin Aging. What Does Mesotherapy Involve?

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Mesotherapy treats the skin and slows down aging, as well as prevents some of the beauty problems and flaws. What does (needle and needle-free) mesotherapy involve and who is it dedicated to? How does mesotherapy affect hair loss and skin aging? Are there any contraindications?

Mesotherapy – who can take advantage of it?

Mesotherapy is used both in conventional and aesthetic medicine. The indications for the treatment include neuralgia, joint degeneration, sports injuries and muscle stiffness.

Nevertheless, mesotherapy usually makes us think of aesthetic medicine aimed at fine lines on the face, neck and chest, acne and post-acne scars, sagging and dehydrated facial and body skin, cellulite, stretch marks and hair loss.

What does needle mesotherapy involve?

Mesotherapy always involves introducing a product into the dermis but the effect can be achieved with different methods. Needle mesotherapy inserts active substances deep into the skin with special, very thin needles. It usually uses special guns or rollers. Contrary to orally-taken medication, the product applied in this way doesn’t overload the kidneys or liver whereas the micro-cuts stimulate the skin for self-repair.

The procedure may cause discomfort so an anesthetic product may be applied 30 minutes before starting off. Mesotherapy lasts around two hours. After the application, a special massage is done to spread the active ingredients and reduce the risk of swelling. After the treatment, it’s best to stay home for 2-3 days until the bruises ease off. You will see the effects after the very first procedure but it is usually best to go through the series of treatments (the number depends on the problem but it is usually at least 3).

What does needle-free mesotherapy involve?

Needleless mesotherapy introduces active substances under the skin using electroporation – the device generating high-frequency current which temporarily increases the penetrability of cell membrane so that the hydrophilic channels can open and the active ingredient can reach a particular area.

The treatment is painless. All the patient feels is slight tingling. It gives the same effects as needle mesotherapy. Depending on the problem, you need from 5 to 10 treatments.

Sonophoresis is treated as a variety of needle-free mesotherapy. Active substances penetrate the skin thanks to ultrasounds. Some experts say that the concentration of active ingredients must be smaller than in the case of traditional needleless mesotherapy, therefore, this version is probably less effective.

Mesotherapy – products

Mesotherapy uses a few substances adapted to the needs of a patient. Vitamins can be mixed with hyaluronic acid or minerals salts and antioxidants, poly-lactic acid or moisturising agents. The doctor prepares a recipe after identifying the problem.

For best results, it is advised to have a skin test performed – a specially-designed device examines the skin’s moisture, lipid content, pigmentation and the degree of sensitivity. An interview concerning the patient’s lifestyle complements the examination – the doctor defines the deficits of the skin and then replenishes them.

Mesotherapy vs hair loss

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment for combating hormonal alopecia. The problem affects both men and women. The needle introduces well-matched substances straight to the hair follicle, stimulating growth. For a visible effect, 30-year-old patients should already think of the procedure when they spot the first signs of going bald – only existing follicles are qualified for treatment. If the follicle dies out, nothing can be done.

Mesotherapy – contraindications

Not everyone can go for mesotherapy. The contraindications include allergies, pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, cold sore, diabetes, skin infections and inflammation, proneness to scars and fibrosis, cancers and taking antithrombotic drugs. When it comes to needle-free mesotherapy, it cannot be performed on pregnant women, people who have a pacemaker or metal elements in the body, as well as people suffering from epilepsia, venous diseases, inflammation and over-sensitive skin.

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