What is eyebrow threading? The ultimate eyebrow shaping guide

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Eyebrows embellish and frame the face. In order for them to fulfil this function, they need to have the right shape. On of the most popular methods of shaping the eyebrows is eyebrow threading. Check what it is and how you can do it yourself.

What is eyebrow threading?

This is an eyebrow-shaping method that involves the use of a thread. Namely, a 20 cm cotton thread. You will also need the right tools – a disinfectant and a cosmetic powder. The thread should be twisted and the ends tied together.

How to use the thread, then? Stretch the loop between your hands and twist it. Place the thread under the hairs that need to be removed and open and close the loop. Once you finish, the skin may be red but it disappears after a while.

Eyebrow threading – advantages

This method of eyebrow shaping is natural, safe and hygienic. Remember, however, to use a new thread each time you shape your eyebrows. Contrary to eyebrow waxing, threading does not make the skin irritated. For this reason this method is recommended for the people with sensitive or prone to allergies skin.

Eyebrow threading is a very fast procedure. With this tool, you can get rid of individual hairs as well as a whole line. An experienced person needs only a few minutes to perfectly shape the eyebrows. What is the most important, during eyebrow threading you remove the whole hair with the hair bulb. Thanks to this, the effects last for up to 3 weeks.

Eyebrow threading – contraindications

Those include: diabetes, infections of the eye area (chalazia, conjunctivitis), abnormal skin sensations, purulent and inflammatory skin conditions of the face, psoriasis.

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